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We built a product that you either need or you don’t.

It’s as simple as that. We created software for a very specific niche and when you need us, you’ll know it. If you’re on the fence you’re usually deciding between if it can do everything you need or if it does too much… at least that’s what we’ve found over the past 25 years.

If you’re looking for specific features for exactly how you run distributions, you’ll want to start here.

If you love QuickBooks and want industry detail, go ahead and watch a quick demo right now. We’re 99.9% sure you’ll love it.

Our clients come for the features, get excited about the massive amount of time shaved off their distribution process, but stay because we treat you like family.

And that’s not even a cliche.

We literally are a family here, (see who’s who below) and we can’t help but add you to it. It’s why we’ve had clients that have been using our software for more than 25 years. In the tech industry, it’s unheard of.

How we got started

More than 25 years ago, Phil, our owner and developer, built a custom software for oil & gas clients who needed a better way to handle distributions. He had just moved cross-country to start his own business and had no idea that this new project would turn into a 20+ year career. As you already know, the oil and gas industry spreads like wildfire through word of mouth, and that’s exactly how we grew too.

From working in his dark basement with orange shag carpet in the 90s to hiring employees and growing into offices, Phil’s focus has remained the same: Create oil and gas accounting software that isn’t painful to use or learn, and support it well.

Office Pets
Monitors We Work Off
Years in Biz

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Anthony Austin
Anthony AustinDeveloper + Support
When not geeking out over software programming, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, and three kids. He can currently be found teaching his girls the art of crushing a volleyball, and enjoys building plastic model sets with his son. He is always on the hunt for the best dad jokes and loves hearing them retell them over and over.
Eric Werdin
Eric WerdinSales
Eric has yet to convert the office to his love of tennis, but it’s not for lack of trying. He hates cold weather, (including air conditioning) and spends his weekends rising in the ranks at tennis, outdoors in nature, pumping himself up with Grant Cardone’s 10x principles and hanging out with his wife Luda.
Keith Hottle
Keith HottleSupport
Keith spends his evenings and weekends with church related activities and on the family farm. He raises a herd of Shorthorn cattle, Boer goats, and Ameraucana chickens alongside his wife Erin, brother, and parents. Two Great Pyrenees, and a pet turkey protect the critters during the day, while a retired Alaskan Husky keeps his feet warm under the desk.
Phil Sherwood
Phil Sherwood Developer & Owner
Phil enjoys hobbies such as cycling, boating, paddle boarding, hiking and sky diving. His claim to fame is that he once lost two boat anchors within 5 minutes while out on the water (and his family has never let him forget). He has two office dogs, Lucy and Gus who supervise when they aren’t muddy (see them above), and when not working you can find him reading and sitting on his back porch listening to the crickets.
Mallory Schlabach
Mallory SchlabachMarketing & Design
Mallory has spent the past decade running the marketing, design and all things customer happiness at SherWare with her dad and brother. She spends her time with her four crazy kids, possum-catching dog and husband in North Carolina. She is obsessed with tacos & high heels, and is terrible at karaoke.
Courtney Owens
Courtney OwensSupport
Courtney could bust out to Wu-Tang Clan or Beck, or be found pouring into angst written poetry at open mic night. He loves the beach, video games and basketball and is quite the foodie. When not making customers smile and everyone at SherWare laugh, he’s tending to his aloe plants.

We Work With Small Businesses Across the Country.

Our clients span from family-run businesses to start up operators to small businesses acquiring wells in 31 states.

We Pride Ourselves on Speed, Flexibility and Big Picture Thinking.

We Are Quick

Our goal is to not only create a program and workflow that works as fast as you need it to, but also to respond to clients as fast as we can. It’s why we measure how long it takes us to do anything, compete against each other and get rewards for client satisfaction.

We Are Flexible

The oil & gas industry is a unique beast, which companies handling distributions as many different ways as there are people. So we built a platform that allows you to work the way you want to, no questions asked.

We Look Forward

When everyone was using DOS, we were building on Windows. It’s also why you can go paperless in your business with our software, work from the cloud and soon, work from an entirely cloud-based app. We push ourselves to be innovative and think of what’s coming next in the future because isn’t that where we’re all headed?

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