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There’s a plan for every size and type of team – choose one that fits the size
of your company and the depth of features needed to simplify your distributions & operations.


$800per month
  • Everything you need to run distributions & the back office


$535per month
  • Basic features to run distributions and joint interest billings

Compare both plans.

Some of the best companies use SherWare to manage oil & gas distributions and joint interest billings.






Track Oil & Gas Distributions    
Revenue Distribution ✔️ ✔️
Joint Interest Billing ✔️ ✔️
Manage Financials    
General Ledger ✔️ ✔️
Accounts Payable ✔️ ✔️
Accounts Receivable ✔️ ✔️
Payroll ✔️
Integrates with QuickBooks
Automate Your Back Office    
Automatically Import Data ✔️ ✔️
Document Manager ✔️ ✔️
Directly Deposit Revenue to Owners/Investors ✔️
Print Checks on Blank Stock with MICR ✔️
Analyze Reports    
Create custom reports * *
Run state required reports 2 reports 1 report
Host documents online for operators/investors * *
Simplify Operations    
Track House Gas Usage ✔️
Manage Land Leases/Delay Rental Payments ✔️
Track AFEs and Prepayments ✔️
Process 1065s & K1s ✔️
Run Plugging State Reports ✔️
World-class Support    
Simultaneous Users 5 2
Email Support ✔️ ✔️
Phone Support ✔️ ✔️
Dedicated Instant Chat Support *
Custom Consulting to Process 1st Distribution Easily ✔️ ✔️
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Key = *optional feature you can add | – not available in this package

Want to integrate with QuickBooks instead? See pricing and view a demo here.

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SherWare Pricing F.A.Q.

Answers To The Questions We Know You’re Dying to Ask

Sweet! We’re excited to get started. Please contact us to purchase the software. You can call our Sales team: 330-262-0200 or send an e-mail: We’ll send you an invoice for your software which you can pay immediately online or mail a check. We send links to begin downloading the software as soon as we receive payment.

We only offer on-site installation and training for our Enterprise level clients. All clients receive five hours of one-on-one software training and consultation from the beginning to make sure your software is properly set up and you know how to run the software from beginning to end.

”Demo” is what we call an interactive walk through of the software. We have both pre-recorded demonstration of how to use the software, as well as live demonstrations with our sales team. During live demos our software, you’ll be connected to our computers here at SherWare to see a live demonstration of how the software works. This is one-on-one with you and a member of our support team so that you can ask the questions important to you and see how the features that you’ll need to use work. No pressure. No commitments. No fees.

You bet! We’d love for your to talk with our clients to see how SherWare’s software has worked for them. If you request references, let us know what product you’re interested in and where you’re from. If we have clients in your area, we’ll send contact info for our clients who’ve agreed to talk to potential clients. If we don’t have clients in your area yet, we’ll send you the closest we have. We can toot our horn (which is pretty loud) as much as we want, but without the backing of our amazing customers, it may not mean much to you. We get it. Ask away.

If you need help converting data from your current platform to SherWare, we offer data conversion services you can add-on. Here are a few of the platforms we routinely convert data from: Bolo, CMI, Goals, OGPro, Roughneck, Wolfepak, DHS and Excel. We also convert data from SherWare to another SherWare company.

If you’d like to manage the accounting on QuickBooks instead of running everything on a single platform in SherWare, check out our integrated edition that pulls your oil and gas accounting data from SherWare directly into your QuickBooks companies automatically here.

Nope, although it’s a great question and one we understand because we love a good deal ourselves. We don’t give discounts or have special offers on our products because we believe we’ve given our products fair and competitive prices. We don’t raise our prices often and only do so to make sure we’re still offering the best quality product for your money. No extra fees and no padded pricing to boost our bottom line.

The sky is the limit with SherWare. We have clients handling more than 18,000 wells and 35,000 royalty owners on our platform and as few as two wells. If you are interested in integrating with QuickBooks, we’ve seen clients manage up to 300 wells before they choose to upgrade to the full SherWare Accounting platform.

If you’d like the ability to access SherWare’s software from any computer or device at any time, we do offer cloud hosting capabilities. Chat with our sales team members to talk about adding the hosting service to your software so your team can access it from anywhere.

You can reach us by email at: OR

Call us to chat in person at: 330.262.0200

Reach us by mail at: 4182 Clemmons Rd. #285, Clemmons, NC 27012

YES! Most definitely. We offer the highest rated customer support in the industry. Our standard is to connect with your support request within two hours, and faster if possible. Find out more about our support here.

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