How Our QuickBooks Integration Works

No Double Entry

Instead of having to enter your data in your disbursement program and then again into your accounting software — you now only have to enter it within SherWare and see it instantly appear in QuickBooks® in real time.

Select Accounts from Your QuickBooks™ company

You can select your QuickBooks® accounts directly from SherWare. Since SherWare interfaces directly with QuickBooks®, all accounts are pulled from your QuickBooks® company.

Watch Transactions Post in Real Time

You can go directly to QuickBooks® and see transactions in your check register or Pay Bills screen. As soon as you hit save on the screens within SherWare, that transaction also posts to your QuickBooks account in your check register as a journal entry — or as a bill to be paid at any time.

Best of Both Worlds

You can have SherWare’s detailed industry reports or detailed financial reports in QuickBooks®. Using QuickBooks® as your accounting side and SherWare as your distribution side gives you the ability to have both the industry-specific reporting in SherWare, as well as the financial reporting in QuickBooks® that you’ve become accustomed to.

See For Yourself

You already love QuickBooks™ but are missing the industry-level of detail needed to run your business effectively.