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Create a New Import Map

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To create a new map, click on Create a New Map for under Import Data > Import Maps link.

From this screen, you can either create a new type of import map or edit an existing one.

Click Create a New Map.

Choose New Exp Map from the drop down to create a new expense import map.

The other types of maps you can create and import into Well Profits are:
– New Revenue import map to import revenue receipts records
– New Property import map to import properties
– New Field import map to import fields
– New Well import map to import new wells/leases
– New Oper import map to import new operators

Once you’ve selected the type of import you’d like to create, it will show you a screen with available fields to map and selected fields.

Creating Import maps allow you to create a field mapping between your import file and Well Profits data. You choose what data is in columns A, B, C, etc. In this map the Well name is in column A, The operator name in column B, etc.

Select the fields you’d like to use for the import by moving them from the Available side to the Selected side. You can do this by dragging them between the columns or by using the arrows in the middle.

Once you have selected all the fields that you want to use to be imported into Well Profits, you can drag them up and down in the selected list to make sure they match the format of the file being imported.

You will also need to enter a map name at the top before clicking Save map.

After the map is saved, you can download a template of this map as an Excel file by clicking the Download Template link in the top right corner of the page. This will give you an empty Excel sheet with the field headers to use when formatting your files.

Once a map has been created for the type of data you wish to import, you are now ready to begin importing your data.

Tips for creating a map

For creating an operator/purchaser/vendor map: When mapping the “Type” of record it is, the type should either be O for Operator, P for purchaser or V for vendor.

When importing wells: The operator name, property name and field name must match exactly the name of an operator, property or field that is already in Well Profits in order for it to be imported with the well.

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