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Entering Expenses

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Expenses are entered by clicking on the Expenses menu item in the left-hand menu. Then click the New button.

Enter or choose the invoice date and the due date of the invoice being entered.

Next, choose the operator or vendor from the Operator dropdown.

Then enter the invoice number.

Now you’re ready to enter the detail for this bill. Choose the well from the drop-down.

Then choose what type of expense it is. For example, choose LO – Lease Operating Expenses if it is a lease operating expense.

Then enter the production year and period.

Lastly, enter the amount for this charge.

Press enter or click the green check mark to save this detailed entry and move to the next one.

*Bills are saved automatically so you can move on once you’re done entering the detail for the bill.

To import more than one expense at a time into Well Profits, follow this article.

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