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Entering Revenue

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To enter production revenue receipts, click on the Revenue menu item on the left-hand menu. Then click the New button.

Either choose or enter the date on the receipt, then choose the operator or purchaser the revenue was received from.

Next enter the check number on the receipt.

Now choose the well from the drop down.

Choose what type of revenue this is.

Choose BBL for Oil, MCF for gas, etc.

Next is your ownership type.

Choose either Royalty or Working Interest.

Then enter or choose the production year and period for this revenue.

Now enter the volume in units such as barrels or MCF, then the price. The total will be calculated from the volume and price. You can change it if there is any rounding.

Press enter or click the green check mark to save the detail line. This will open a new detail line and you can continue until you’re done entering the entries for this receipt. The whole receipt is automatically saved so you can move on when you’re done.

To import more than one receipt at a time into Well Profits, follow the instructions on this article.

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