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To import data, go to Import Data, then select the type of import you’d like to begin.

The Date field will automatically fill in with today’s date. If you wish to use this date instead of what’s in the file you’re importing, simply type over the date or choose a new one from the calendar picker.

Then click “Use this date instead of the date in the import file” to save this new date to the import file.

Choose the operator or vendor that this bill is coming from under the Operator field.

*If you want to ensure that the property number and operator match what is specified in Well Profits, mark the “Match the imported wells with this operator and oper prop no” checkbox.*

Choose the map to use for importing the data. If a map has not yet been created for this type of import, click the Edit or Create a Map button to begin.

After choosing the map to use, and selecting the import file, you’ll be shown the first few records to be imported into Well Profits. If all looks good, click the Process Import File button to complete the import.

When the import completes successfully, the imported data will be shown on the screen.

Import Errors

If Well Profits detects any errors with the import file, such as a property number that can’t be found that is attached to a well, an error report will be shown. You’ll have to correct the errors and then attempt the import again.

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