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Running Reports

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To run reports in Well Profits, select Reports from the left-hand side navigation.

*The reporting system is currently running slower than usual to initialize. Please be patient as we work to get to back up to speed.*

When you’re looking at the main Reports page, you’ll see a lit of reports in the middle of the screen, like the image above. Each report is organized into different categories such as Charts & Graphs, and Revenue and Expense reports with varying details and filters set up.

To run a report, click the name of the report you’d wish to run against your data.

The report will then start executing. If there are any filters set on the report, they will pop up. In this example below, it is asking for a which production year you’d like to show well revenue/expenses for, and if you’d like to show a range of operators instead of all of them on this report. Enter the range of years, and operators if you want to keep the filter and click the check mark at the bottom.

If you want to ignore this filter condition, click the check mark at the top right of the dialog and then click the check mark at the bottom. Do the same for any other filter conditions that pop up.

After the filter conditions are specified, the report will generate and display on the screen.

Reports Toolbar

At the top of the report, you’ll notice tools in the blue bar. Use these tools to print and export the report.

  • The first button in the toolbar will bring up the search box so that you can enter text to search for in the report. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a report. Enter the text that you are searching for and click the Find Next button.
  • The second button in the toolbar will bring up the Save dialog to allow you to download and save a PDF version of the report. Then you can send the PDF to the printer.
  • The third section with the page numbers allows you to navigate to different pages in the report. You can go to the next page, the prior page, the first page or the last page. You can also enter the specific page you want to display.
  • The final section shows you the export features and how to export the report to different formats. Click on the drop down to choose a format other than PDF. The report can also be exported in Excel format as well as several other formats.

To close the report, click the X in the top right corner.

Report Views

You can view all of the reports in alphabetical order by clicking the Flat View button on the left-hand side, or see them by category by clicking the Folder View button.

The reporting system is where the power of Well Profits is realized. Check out each of the reports to see what information is included on each one. Let us know if there are other reports that you’d like to see.

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