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Step 1: Add Operators/Vendors + Purchasers

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Getting started with Well Profits is super easy. There are only 4 steps you need to complete, and you really don’t have to do all of those.

Step 1 is to add operators, purchasers, and vendors into Well Profits. Before you can add your wells and leases you at least need to have the operators of the wells set up.

After clicking on the Oper Purch Vend menu you will be brought to an empty list. Click the New button to add an Operator.

Start by entering the Operator’s name and then choosing the type. The available types are Operator, Purchaser or Vendor. Then finish by filling in the address and other info.

Click on the Save Changes button to save the operator info.

Clicking save will bring up the info page for the operator just entered. To add the next operator, vendor or purchase click the New button and go through the process again.

To import your operators, purchaser and vendors all at once, see this article.

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