We deal with people of varying skill levels daily and often hear the desire our users have to know just a little but more. We understand the freedom that knowledge brings and want to help you take that next step. Whether it is learning how to copy/paste or obtain a college degree in Accounting or Revenue Distribution and JIB, we have complied a list of resources that can accommodate your wildest dreams.

Basic Computer Knowledge

What is a mouse or server? For those that just want to understand the basics.

A series of free workshops on computer skills administered in partnership with
UNC and local libraries. You probably aren’t local, but you can take advantage
of the FREE HANDOUTS that are a big help by themselves.

Some of the courses/handouts are for Computer Basics, File Organization,
Internet Basics, Email Basics, Cloud Storage, and more.

Five courses that cover computer basics; using the internet and productivity programs;
security and privacy; and digital lifestyles. This is a very introductory course, but you
can test for a certificate upon completion.

A course of 12 lessons. This does have a fee, but does include a certificate if desired.

View the course trailer at the above link for more information.

This will cover: Parts of a Computer, What to Look for When Buying, Setting up a Safe Work Area,
Virus Protection, Getting Your Computer Up and Running, Surfing the ‘Net,’ Sending Email,
Using Your Media Methods, Advanced Email, Pictures, Word Processing Basics, and Finding Everything.

Basic Computer Skills

The common tasks and shortcuts that make life easier. Copy/Pasting, managing backups, setting up email, and more. These resources review the basic skills that are helpful. Even more experienced users will learn new tips with this information.

Goodwill Community Foundation

If you look in one place, this is the place to look.

A lot of information covering a broad range of topics. Some of the main categories are
Computers, Email, Internet, Online Safety, and Windows then you can drill down into
more specific topics within each of these.

Free Assessment through NorthStar Basic Computer Skills Certificate 

A self-guided online set of assessments that show an individual’s ability to perform basic
computer skills in several skill areas.

The areas are: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows OS/Mac OS, Email, Word Processing
(using Microsoft Word), Social Media, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The assessment is FREE for individuals and will help you understand what basic computer
skills need improved.

A certificate can be obtained if you take the assessment through certain partners across the country.

Saint Paul Public Library 

An online resource of instructional materials designed to help learners build the
basic computer skills defined by the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments.

Northstar provides an assessment, but no curriculum. The material found here is
designed for the Northstar assessment.


FREE Quick Reference Guides are available that cover many of the commonly used programs like
Computer Basics, Excel, Internet Explorer, Word, and Windows.

These are great tools for those that are not very familiar with a computer.

Someone in your office needs these!

Many who are currently using Windows 10 compared to previous versions of Windows will find it very different and hard to use at first. Here is a popular video training on how to use, understand and navigate Windows 10.

Windows 10 Basic Training

General Business and Accounting

Increase your knowledge of accounting, or general business practices.

Saylor Academy

Free, open online courses for people anywhere.

University of Pennsylvania Wharton Online

Wharton offers multiple open enrollment online learning opportunities, from free individual courses, to specialized programs, to high-touch professional education.

Introduction to Financial Accounting

New York Institute of Finance 

Access advanced online courses that can be taken on demand for a fee.

Oil and Gas Accounting

Increase your knowledge of the industry.

University of North Texas, Professional Development Institute (PDI)

Provides industry training in a variety of areas. Some courses are available online
and on demand for a reasonable fee.

An international non-profit that provides energy education and professional development.
Their purpose is to promote your education and professional development in the industry.
They can to direct you to local resources that will be helpful to you in any role in the industry.

A nationwide council that is the source of business and accounting solutions for the energy industry.
They develop model forms, publications, and education. A great resource that you can use for further
guidance. They can to direct you to local resources that will be helpful to you with oil and gas accounting.

CPE Credits

Your CPA knows what these are. They are required to sit through many of these each year as a type of continuing education. Courses are offered locally all around the country so you should be able to find one close to you, or catch one online if you prefer. These are geared to accountants but depending on the situation it may be something that you can also sit in on.

Center for Professional Education, Inc.
Allows you to search for DP courses by date and location.

Oil and Gas Accounting Webcast
This appears to be a basic course for accountants without current industry experience.

Local Industry Associations
Consult the industry associations in your state for local offerings within the oil and gas
industry that will qualify for CPE credit.

Rocket Science?

Why limit yourself to the oil and gas industry? Do you have an interest in Art, Thermodynamics, robots, or even another language? Many resources are available for free online that can help you pursue your interests. Check out some of these universities that provide their courses online. Many of them are even free!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT makes the materials used in the teaching of MIT’s subjects available on the Web.

They even have a course on financial accounting.

A website that allows you to search a multitude of colleges and universities that offer
FREE courses online. Search for courses or topics that you have an interest in.

A website that allows you to search a multitude of colleges and universities that offer courses online.
Search for courses on any topic that you have an interest in.