SherWare acquired by Pivoten, 4th generation operator in move to transform the oil & gas technology landscape

But don’t worry — everything at SherWare
that you know and love, stays the same.

This includes the entire SherWare team, the same top-notch support (plus even more in the future!), and the same software you use every day.

We’ll just also be creating an intelligent operations platform to unify the separate applications and business processes of back-office, finance, accounting, field operations, tank automation, and production management into one solution.

Pivoten is a business operations platform built by operators, for operators. We aren’t a VC company or private equity firm coming in to change everything up in a market. We want to change the industry and now have the opportunity as we partner with SherWare, Inc. to harness technology to be cost effective and efficient for everyone.

Technology is the future of the world, and certainly the oil and gas industry. Until now, there hasn’t been readily available technology to make the independent producer’s life and job easier. We aim to change that.

We anticipate this process to be as seamless as possible and don’t expect you to feel anything in our transition other than excitement for all the new features and possibilities this brings for all of our customers and the future of the oil and gas industry.

When we finally decided to join Chris Cantrell and the Pivoten team, it was because we wanted to make sure our customers were taken care of and nothing changed with how we led SherWare.

We promise to be as transparent as we can about what we’re building, what we’re upgrading and give you choices every step of the way.

Our commitment is that we are able to not only continue to serve our existing and future customers in the way we’re known for, but also able to do it even better with the support and backing of Pivoten.

SherWare is being purchased by a company owned by operators. Pivoten will always have our clients in mind when introducing new products and making changes.

Absolutely! Nothing changes for us on the SherWare side. We continue to operate with the same team, same contact methods, same software.

Pivoten’s vision is in the cloud. We would like to host as many customers on the cloud as possible to assist with seamless integration among all of our future offerings.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the way of the future and eventually most all software will be hosted in the cloud. That being said, we know there are those that don’t want to use our software in the cloud and we respect that.

We will do our best to accommodate those who are opposed to cloud based software. There will be a point when all new development and software changes will be only to the cloud-based software.

You own your data. Pivoten believes that you should be able to take your data with you and we won’t ever lock you out of your data.

If you have more questions or concerns we did not address, please reach out to anyone on our team.

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Phil Sherwood

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