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Documents Module

Attached scanned documents, PDFs, Excel Worksheets, Word Documents and Image Files to Wells, Owners, DOI, Receipts, Bills and Leases.


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Additional information

With the Documents module you can attach scanned documents to several different record types.

The Screens that you can attach documents to include:

  • Lease Information
  • Owner Information
  • Well Information
  • Division of Interests
  • Enter Bills
  • Cash/Production Receipts

1. Attach scanned images, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PDFs

2.  Help keep original documents with data entered from that document

3.  Allows the attachment of documents already on the server without having to save another copy

4.  Have source documents readily available for financial audits

5.  Save space by getting rid of filing cabinets

6.  Optional integration with Treeno Software Cloud Document Management system

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