The Only Oil & Gas Accounting Software that Integrates With QuickBooks for Oil and Gas

QuickBooks isn’t oil & gas specific.

So how do you use QuickBooks for oil and gas?

With more than 5 million users around the world, QuickBooks is still the favorite among small businesses. But it wasn’t designed to track the level of detail and complexity the oil and gas industry requires.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to for you to keep using it.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

  • You can’t keep track of owners, wells or partnerships
  • You can’t account for division orders
  • You’re double-entering data from spreadsheets, paper or another platform into QuickBooks to see your financials
  • It’s time consuming to export and manipulate data to get a clear picture of your data

It sometimes may feel like you’re trying to shove a square peg into a round hole or that you should upgrade to a large enterprise solution that is too complex and expensive for your operations.

How Do You Use Quickbooks for Oil & Gas?

Real-Time Data Integration

Instead of having to enter your data in your disbursement program and then again into your accounting software — you now only have to enter it within SherWare and see it instantly appear in QuickBooks® in real time.

Select Accounts from QuickBooks

You can select your QuickBooks accounts directly from SherWare. Since SherWare interfaces directly with QuickBooks, all accounts are pulled from your QuickBooks company.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Access SherWare’s detailed industry reports or detailed financial reports in QuickBooks to get all the reports you need to make better decisions.

Watch Transactions Post in Real Time

You can go directly to QuickBooks and see transactions in your check register or Pay Bills screen. As soon as you hit save on the screens within SherWare, that transaction also posts to your QuickBooks account in your check register as a journal entry — or as a bill to be paid at any time.

Helping operators & accountants use QuickBooks to track their joint interest billings + financials since 2002

SherWare has been creating software for the oil and gas industry for 25+ years and we’re the only oil and gas distribution software on the market that can integrate with QuickBooks for oil and gas.

We’ve helped 800+ clients simplify the way they track distributions AND still use QuickBooks.

The added bonus of using a platform you know and love?

Our average client saves 10 hours a week + $40,000 a year in payroll costs using SherWare + QuickBooks.

The exact solution you’ve been looking for

Here are customers who use QuickBooks for oil and gas

The software is complete and solid, technical support is timely and accurate and the system, when integrated with QuickBooks, covers all aspects needed to properly run an oil and gas company.
Guthrie Chamberlain, Venture Consulting
If you’re using QuickBooks now for your accounting and trying to make JIBS out of QuickBooks, or even trying to create JIBs out of Excel, you’re just spinning your wheels. No matter what you’re doing out there, this software is the easiest you’ll use and the best bang for your buck.
Denis Connelly, Richman Oil

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