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Oil & Gas Accounting 101 Ebook

Learn the terminology unique to the oil and gas industry and understand the relationship between the wells that are drilled and the people that must be paid for any oil and gas production and all the nuts and bolts associated with oil and gas accounting in between.



needs evaluation worksheet

Just beginning the search for oil & gas accounting software? Use our worksheet to help you nail down the specifics of what you need in a program, what's on your wish list and what your budget looks like.



5 Tips for Using QuickBooks for Oil & Gas

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software programs today, yet it doesn't come out of the box ready to handle oil and gas accounting. Find out how to set up your QuickBooks to easily track your oil and gas business.



Spreadsheet Risk: Are Spreadsheets Costing Your Business?

Spreadsheet blunders cost businesses millions of dollars each year. See what the benefits are of using spreadsheets, and when it's time to find a better solution.



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