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New Client Consulting

We offer each new client 5 hours of FREE consulting when you purchase our software. Work one-on-one with a support team member to learn how to set up your software how your company operates, enter revenue and expenses, process distributions, make adjustments, etc. 

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We have a reputation for having the best technical support in the industry. We believe using SherWare’s oil and gas accounting software should be as easy as possible, so that’s why we’ve spent countless hours compiling the best types of information to help you maneuver around the software and learn how to use your software to its fullest.

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Training Options

Several training options are available to suit your needs.  We offer anything from a short one hour session online to an extensive 2 day office visit.  Need a little help with reports? Setting up a new owner? Figuring out tax tables? Work one-on-one with a support team member to quickly and easily learn whatever you have a question on.

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User Conferences

We occasionally offer user conference in both Texas and Ohio which allow you to network with other users and receive training in our software.


We'd be happy to help answer any questions you have. Give us a call to speak to our support specialists. You can reach us at 330-262-0200.


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